Virtual Festival

2024 Virtual Syllabus

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Chinese InstrumentsSolo Duets and Trios
Classical BrassSolo Duets and Trios
Classical GuitarSolo Duets and Trios
Classical HarpSolo Duets and Trios
Classical PianoSolo Duets and Trios
Classical Lower StringsSolo
Classical Upper StringsSolo
Classical VoiceSolo Duets and Trios
Classical WoodwindsSolo Duets and Trios
Classical StringsDuets and Trios
Contemporary PianoSolo Duets and Trios
Musical TheatreSolo Duets and Trios
Original Composition Solo Instrument Ensemble
PercussionSolo Duets and Trios
Piano ConcertoPiano Concerto
Popular BrassSolo Duets and Trios
Popular GuitarSolo Duets and Trios
Popular PianoSolo Duets and Trios
Popular StringsSolo Duets and Trios
Popular VoiceSolo Duets and Trios
Popular Voice - Self AccompaniedSolo Duets and Trios
Popular WoodwindsSolo Duets and Trios
Songs from the Screen and MoreSolo Duets and Trios
Speech ArtsDuets and Trios
SchoolsBands Jazz Bands Choirs Full Orchestras String Orchestras
CommunityBands Choirs Full Orchestras String Orchestras
Choral SpeakingChoral Speaking
Small EnsemblesSmall Ensembles

2024 Virtual Adjudicators

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Lucile Brais Hildesheim


Norma Churchill

Classical Voice - Grades 4

Katie Cochrane

Songs from the Screen and More - Beginner and Primary Levels and Musical Theatre - Beginner and Primary Levels

Robert Colbourne

Community Choirs

Geoffrey Conquer

Classical Piano - Level 4

Charlotte Dettwiler

Lower Strings Levels 1- 5

Ben Diamond

Classical Guitar and Popular Guitar

Rachel Ewing

Classical Piano

Madeline Hildebrand

Contemporary Piano and Piano Duets

Dailin Hsieh

World Music

Katerina Juraskova

Small Ensembles

Kim Mattice Wanat

Classical Voice - Level 5

Kyra Millan

Songs from the Screen and More - Primary Level and Duets

Patrick Murray

School Choirs

Deanna Oye

Piano Concertos

Rebecca Phillips

Bands and Brass

Isaac Yisak Seo


Petya Stavreva

Classical Piano

Kimberley Sundell

Classical Piano - Level 5

Alan Torok


Simon Tse

Popular Voice and Duets and Songs from the Screen and More - Beginner Level

Sarah Velasco

Upper Strings

Anita Walsh

Upper String - Levels 1-2-3

Tiffany A. Wilson

Classical Voice: Levels 1-3

Saeha Youn

Classical Piano - Level 2

Kelly Zimba Lukić