Virtual Registration Information

Virtual Festival Information:
• You must register and complete payment by 11:59 pm on the date of your deadline.
• You may change your repertoire and/or add your video at any time until 11:59 pm on the final date of your local festival's deadline.
• Please be aware that putting "To be Decided" or "To be Announced" will result in late fees being charged if the information comes in after your deadline date.
• Changes after your registration date can be made by contacting OMFA at .
• All performance videos for Virtual Festival Entries must be YouTube links. No other format will be accepted (i.e. Google Docs, Dropbox, Vimeo, Mp3's, etc.)
All required pieces must have their own YouTube video. Do not combine them.
• The competitor is required to introduce themselves and their selections in the video, either verbally or with a title card before each piece.
• Competitors must show their original music/score prior to the beginning of their video submission.
• Videos used at local Festivals may be submitted if you choose. It is not necessary to re-record unless you wish to and only if time permits between your recommendation and your entry deadline.
• It is not necessary to list your accompanist or have your accompanist sign up for a profile. This information is not needed for the Virtual Festival.
• Accepted accompaniment may include: Live, pre-recorded, back-tracks, etc. Accompaniment can be by piano only.
• The accompanists listed on our website have confirmed that they are willing to record accompaniments for you to use for your performance. It is up to the competitor, however, to contact them directly and pay for this arrangement. To view our list of accompanists: