2024 Virtual Syllabus - School Choirs

Piece Selection
a) Competitors must perform two (2) selections, one of which was performed at the originating local festival and has received the recommendation of the local Adjudicator.
b) The second selection is the competitor's own choice but must not be another movement from the first selection.
c) Multi-movements of one piece will be counted as one selection.
d) Selections must be musically contrasting. The Adjudicator will take choice of repertoire into consideration.
e) Only one selection may have a brief solo or solo ensemble passage. The total number of bars of a solo or solo ensemble passage may not exceed 15% of the total length of the selection.
f) The voice should be indicated if different from what appears in the score.
g) A pdf of the original scores must be submitted with the registration. It must be a complete original score in the correct key.
h) If not already in the score, bar numbers should be placed at the beginning of each line of music in the original score.

i) All copyright laws must be observed.
j) All criteria listed in the OMFA General Rules (omfa.ca/virtual-festival/rules-regulations) must be strictly adhered to.

Video Submission Requirements
k) Videos must be submitted by your Local Festival's entry deadline date for Provincials.
l) One original score of the music or purchased digital music with attached receipt for each selection must be shown on camera prior to the beginning of the performance.
m) Only YouTube videos will be permitted (i.e. google drives, vimeo, mp3's, mp4's, dropbox etc. are not permitted). Each performance requires a separate YouTube link. Performance videos should not be combined.
n) All videos must have "YouTube kid" settings turned off. You may choose to have your video "unlisted" but "private" videos are not permitted. Please also ensure that the video is allowed to be embedded in other programs.
o) The video must clearly show the entire choir, including the conductor. Camera must remain stationary.
p) No mixing or sound enhancement is allowed through any kind of soundboard, including a recording studio or computer. No reverb can be added to the recording. The recording must be honest and acoustic – as if the adjudicators were in the room listening to you perform live. You must perform live on the video. No audio dubbing over your video is allowed.
q) You are required to introduce yourself and your selections in the video, either verbally or with a title card before each piece, and must be limited to the following:
• Your Name and the Name of the Choir
• The Level you have entered
• The Composer and Complete Title of your selection (prior to each piece).
r) Do not announce your teacher's name, where you are from or at which local festival you performed. Do not use your teacher's YouTube channel to submit your videos.

School Choirs


Competitors must perform two (2) contrasting selections

Elementary School Choir – Grades 3 and Under: Ten (10) minutes
Elementary School Choirs – Grades 6 and Under: Ten (10) minutes
Middle School Choirs – Grades 9 and Under: Fifteen (15) minutes
High School Choirs – Grades 9-10: Fifteen (15) minutes
High School Choirs – Grades 11-12: Twenty (20) minutes
High School Choirs – Grades 9-12: Twenty (20) minutes
Male School Choirs – Unchanged Voices: Fifteen (15) minutes
Male School Choirs – Changed Voice: Twenty (20) minutes

There is no minimum performance time limit.

Accurate performance times must be included on the entry form. Do not guess timings.

Class:70001 - School Choirs - Elementary School - Grades 3 and UnderLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:70002 - School Choirs - Elementary School - Grades 6 and UnderLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:70003 - School Choirs - Middle School - Grades 8 and UnderLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:70004 - School Choirs - High School - Grades 9-10Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:70005 - School Choirs - High School - Grades 11-12Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:70006 - School Choirs - High School - Grades 9-12Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:70007 - School Choirs - Male - Unchanged VoicesLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:70008 - School Choirs - Male - Changed VoicesLive:closedVirtual:closed