2024 Virtual Syllabus - Chinese Instruments - Duets and Trios

Piece Selection
a) The selection must have been performed at the Local Festival and received a minimum mark of 85 and the recommendation of the local Adjudicator.
b) Competitors may count one or more movements of a multi-movement work as one selection only.

c) Memorization is optional, but strongly encouraged.
d) All competitors must be an amateur which shall be defined as a music student, performer, or any person who does not earn significant income from performance or teaching in the discipline in which they are participating or, is a member of a professional union. (Please click here for the full definition of Amateur vs Professional: omfa.ca/glossary).
e) All criteria listed in the OMFA General Rules (omfa.ca/glossary) must be strictly adhered to.
f) For the purpose of this competition:
• Adult & Child duets: Adult is defined as anyone over the age of 19 playing with a younger child.
• Teacher & Child duets: Teacher is defined as anyone who is a music teacher (this would include parents/grandparents, etc. if they are teachers)

Video Submission Requirements
g) Videos must be submitted by your Local Festival's entry deadline date for Provincials.
h) One original score of the music or purchased digital music with attached receipt for each selection must be shown on camera prior to the beginning of the performance.
i) Only YouTube videos will be permitted (i.e. google drives, vimeo, mp3's, mp4's, dropbox etc. are not permitted).
j) All videos must have "YouTube kid" settings turned off. You may choose to have your video "unlisted" but "private" videos are not permitted. Please also ensure that the video is allowed to be embedded in other programs.
k) The video must clearly show your full body and instrument. A stationary camera position must be used throughout.
l) No mixing or sound enhancement is allowed through any kind of soundboard, including a recording studio or computer. No reverb can be added to the recording. The recording must be honest and acoustic – as if the adjudicators were in the room listening to you perform live. You must perform live on the video. No audio dubbing over your video is allowed.
m) The video should be in the spirit of a recital or an audition and therefore you should dress appropriately.
n) You are required to introduce yourself and your selections in the video, either verbally or with a title card before each piece and must be limited to the following:
• Your Name
• The Grade/Level you have entered
• The Composer and Complete Title of your selection (prior to each piece)
o) Do not announce your teacher/s name, where you are from or at which local festival you performed. Do not use your teacher's YouTube channel to submit your videos.

Chinese Instruments - Duets and Trios


Competitors are required to play one selection only.

Competitors must enter the category that matches the oldest level of the competitors.

The maximum performance time for each level is listed below:

Beginner Levels (Ages 6-8): Ten (10) minutes
Primary Levels (Ages 9-10): Ten (10) minutes
Elementary Levels (Ages 11-12): Ten (10) minutes
Junior Levels (Ages 13-14): Fifteen (15) minutes
Intermediate Levels (Ages 15-16): Fifteen (15) minutes
Senior Levels (Ages 17-18): Twenty (20) minutes
Amateur Adults (Ages 29 and Above): Ten (10) minutes
Adult & Child: Ten (10) minutes
Teacher & Child: Ten (10) minutes

There is no minimum performance time.

Accurate performance times must be included on the entry form. Do not guess timings.

Class:30015 - Chinese Instruments - Duets and Trios - Beginner Level - Ages 6-8Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:30016 - Chinese Instruments - Duets and Trios - Primary Level - Ages 9-10Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:30017 - Chinese Instruments - Duets and Trios - Elementary Level - Ages 11-12Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:30018 - Chinese Instruments - Duets and Trios - Junior Level - Ages 13-14Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:30019 - Chinese Instruments - Duets and Trios - Intermediate Level - Ages 15-16Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:30030 - Chinese Instruments - Duets and Trios - Senior Level - Ages 17-18Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:30021 - Chinese Instruments - Duets and Trios - Advanced Level - Ages 19-28Live:closedVirtual:closed
Class:30022 - Chinese Instruments - Duets and Trios - Adults - Ages 29 and AboveLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:30023 - Chinese Instruments - Duets and Trios - Adult and ChildLive:closedVirtual:closed
Class:30024 - Chinese Instruments - Duets and Trios - Teacher and ChildLive:closedVirtual:closed