Thursday, June 13th

Classical Upper Strings - Level 7 - Playoffs


Burlington East Presbyterian Church
505 Walkers Line
Burlington, On L7L 3E2

TimeNameTitlesHome Festival
Time:4:30 PMName:Chingis WiedmanTitles:
La Folia by A. Corelli
Country Dance by C.M von Weber
Home Festival:IMFC
Time:4:39 PMName:Sherisse LeungTitles:
Concerto No. 3 in G Minor, op.12, First Movement by Friedrich Seitz
Polish Dance by Edmund Severn
Home Festival:London
Time:4:49 PMName:Anna Hien PhamTitles:
Sonata no. 2, 1st and 2nd mvts. by George Frideric Handel
Concerto in G Minor, op. 12, no. 3, 1st mvt. by Friedrich Seitz
Home Festival:Ottawa Kiwanis
Time:4:59 PMName:Yuzhuo WangTitles:
Concerto No.4 in D Major, op. 15, 3rd mvt. by Friedrich Seitz
Sonata in G Minor, 1st and 2nd mvts. by Henry Eccles
Home Festival:Ottawa Kiwanis