Monday, June 10th

Speech Arts - Junior to Adult

Adjudicator: Ruth Noonan

Speech Arts - Junior to Adult

Ruth has been teaching and directing young actors for the past 20 years. Born to an artistic family, Ruth was involved in theatre from the age of 4. In her teens, Ruth got a job working at a theatre camp where she was tasked with directing shows for young actors. It was there that she caught the "directing bug". Ruth has taught acting and directed/choreographed youth theatre productions in Newmarket, Brampton, Mississauga, and London.

Ruth holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Bachelor of Education Degree. For the past 10 years Ruth has been the Program Coordinator of the London Youth Theatre Education (LYTE) Program, one of London's leading youth drama programs. Ruth has directed and choreographed over 15 productions with LYTE, including Into the Woods, Godspell, The Wolves ( 2019 Brickenden Award for Outstanding Youth Drama), Seussical (2019 Brickenden Award for Outstanding Youth Musical), Matilda, and Sweeney Todd to name a few. During the pandemic, Ruth opened her own private acting coaching business which she ran both in person and virtually. Several of Ruth's students have gone on to study performing arts at the college/university level, and work professionally. Ruth's passion is training and mentoring young actors by creating a safe, welcoming, and compassionate space where they feel supported.


North Burlington Baptish Church
1377 Walkers Line
Burlington, On L7M 0Z1

Speech Arts - Senior Level - Ages 17-18

TimeNameTitlesHome Festival
Time:9:30 AMName:Sabrina GallantTitles:
Spring Still Sprang, Original Poem by Sabrina Gallant
Ending Monologue - Lady Bird, Lady Bird - Movie by Greta Gerwig
Don't Blame The Muse, Mused - Play by Gabriel Davis
Home Festival:South Simcoe
Time:9:45 AMName:Aniah RuthvenTitles:
Loyalty by Douglas M. Parker
Succulent by Aniah Ruthven
The Next Pythagoras by Aniah Ruthven
Home Festival:Grey County

Speech Arts - Advanced Level - Ages 19-28

TimeNameTitlesHome Festival
Time:10:00 AMName:Neluya SivasubramaniamTitles:
Romeo and Juliet (Act 4 Scene 1) by William Shakespeare
The Three Little Politically Correct Pigs by James Finn Garner
The Walrus and The Carpenter by Lewis Carroll
Home Festival:Toronto

Speech Arts - Adults - Ages 29 and Above

TimeNameTitlesHome Festival
Time:10:25 AMName:Katie TantonTitles:
They Shoot Fat Women Don't They, Designing Women by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason
Beth, Good Mourning, America by Lucy Wang
Katherine, The Shrew Must Go On by Lori Meyers
Home Festival:Newmarket
Time:10:40 AMName:Kristen VelanoffTitles:
The Chair, "Toes In My Nose and Other Poems" by Sheree Fitch
An excerpt from the Screen Play, “The Accused” Kathryn Murphy Monologue to Jury, “The Accused” Screen Play by Tom Topor
They Shut Me Up in Prose, Poem by Emily Dickinson
Home Festival:Stratford

11:00 AM - Workshop and Announcement of Winners – MANDATORY

Workshop will be held from approximately 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Announcement of winners will happen at the end of the workshop.

Speech Arts - Junior Level - Ages 13-14

TimeNameTitlesHome Festival
Time:1:30 PMName:Solange KirkwoodTitles:
The Laramie Project, "One of Ours" by Moises Kaufman
30 Reasons Not To Be In A Play, Cecily's Monologue by Alan Haehnel
Hamlet, Ophelia's flower monologue Act 4, Scene 5 by William Shakespeare
Home Festival:London
Time:1:45 PMName:Laura NyburgTitles:
Toys! Fun, Exciting, and Painful by Laura Nyburg
O Captain, My Captain by Walt Whitman
Ghost Cat by Margaret Atwood
Home Festival:Brant
Time:2:00 PMName:Katie GorzoTitles:
Eighteen's Monologue, Box by Lindsay Price
Emily Webb's Monologue , Our Town by Thornton Wilder
Un-Chatty Cathy's Monologue, Un-Chatty Cathy by Gabriel Davis
Home Festival:Norfolk
Time:2:30 PMName:Sofia SzetoTitles:
Mimi, Mother Tongue by Betty Quan
I am not a Morning Person, Monologue for Teens by Mike Kimmel
Juliet, Drop Dead Juliet by Allison Williams
Home Festival:Toronto

Speech Arts - Intermediate Level - Ages 15-16

TimeNameTitlesHome Festival
Time:2:45 PMName:Una RoulstonTitles:
Maranatha's monologue from, The Good Bride by Rosemary Rowe
Valerie's monologue from, The Weir by Conor McPherson
#25's monologue from, The Wolves by Sarah DeLappe
Home Festival:London
Time:3:00 PMName:Sophie MillerTitles:
Excerpt from Screwtape Letters by C.S Lewis
Hecate’s monologue from Act 3 Scene 5 from Macbeth by William Shakespeare
Cecily’s monologue from The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde
Home Festival:Toronto
Time:3:15 PMName:Tawnia AghaeiTitles:
Game Console by Epstein
Unchatty Cathy by Gabriel Davis
Mary Warren's Monologue, The Crucible by Arthur Miller
Home Festival:Newmarket
Time:3:30 PMName:Hannah MartinTitles:
The Merchant of Venice, Portia [as Balthazar] Act 4, Scene 1 by William Shakespeare
The Three Bares by Robert William Service
The Ship-Builders by John Greenleaf Whittier
Home Festival:Norfolk
Time:3:45 PMName:Maggie NortonTitles:
Rose-Marie's Monologue, If These Walls Could Talk by Robert Swift
Rosie's Monologue, Most Likely To: The Senior Superlative Musical! by Michael Tester
Rosalind's Monologue , As You Like It by William Shakespeare
Home Festival:Norfolk
Time:4:00 PMName:Julian (Zhuolun) LiTitles:
The Fish by Elizabeth Bishop
Othello by William Shakespeare
Candida by George Bernard Shaw
Home Festival:Toronto
Time:4:15 PMName:Oliver TilsonTitles:
Roland's Monologue, Stereotype High by Jeffery Haar
Iggy's Monologue, Runaways by Elizabeth Swados
Orlando Act 1 Sc 1, As You Like It by William Shakespeare
Home Festival:Norfolk

4:30 PM - Workshop and Announcement of Winners – MANDATORY

Workshop will be held from approximately 4:30 pm until 6:00 pm.

Announcement of winners will happen at the end of the workshop.