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2021 Provincials

The 2021 Provincials will be held virtually.

Online Registration

Registration will be commence on February 1, 2021.  Please check your Local Festival’s Provincial deadline.  All entries must be recommended from a Local Festival.

2020-2021 Member Festivals

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Thank you to everyone who entered the 2021 OMFA Provincial Finals!  We had over 1700 registrations this year – an amazing testament that music is continuing to thrive in our Province!

So what happens next?
• After compiling and sorting everything – the videos have been sent to our esteemed panel of adjudicators.
• As results start to come in they will be uploaded onto the website under “Results” as well as on our facebook page.
• Once everything has been received we will start to send out your adjudication sheets and certificates via email (please note: this could take until June 30th).
• Scholarship winners will be decided upon by the Adjudicators.  Competitors will be informed that they have won a scholarship (please do not write and ask!) and will be asked to send a thank you letter.  Once the hand-written thank you letter has been mailed to the Festival Office and received, cheques will be issued.
• Private YouTube channels will be established for each grade/level so that the competitors can hear and share their performances. These links will be shared with the competitors only.

Congratulations to all of the competitors, teachers, parents and accompanists for helping to make this year’s Virtual Provincials such a huge success.

Ontario Music Festivals Association

We are an organization of volunteers serving music festivals across the province, and through them, over 170,000 young classical musicians.

Our Purpose

OMFA’s main objective is the development and encouragement of talented Ontario youth in the performance and knowledge of classical music and music theatre.

Our Mission Statement

We envision a world that appreciates music.

We provide a step in the journey towards excellence in music performance with educational opportunities for students and teachers.

We strive to develop well-rounded individuals with positive life and performance skills who will give their gifts back to the community, ensuring that the arts will flourish.


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Online Registration

2021 Registration will be commence soon.