Saturday, June 15th

Classical Upper Strings - Level 6 - Playoffs


Salvation Army Church
2090 Prospect St.
Burlington, Ontario L7R 1Y9

TimeNameTitlesHome Festival
Time:4:30 PMName:Alicia ZhuTitles:
Concerto in A minor, op. 3, no. 6, 1st mvt. by Antonio Vivaldi
Adoration by Felix Borowski
Home Festival:Yip's
Time:4:39 PMName:Lucas ZadorskyTitles:
Sarabande in G Minor by Carl Bohm
The Boy Paganini (Fantasia) by Edward Mollenhauer
Home Festival:London
Time:4:47 PMName:Frank HuangTitles:
Concerto No.1 in D Major, op. 7, 3rd mvt. by Friedrich Seitz
Sonata No. 3 in F Major, HWV 370, 1st and 2nd mvts. by George Frideric Handel
Home Festival:Chatham
Time:4:55 PMName:Arija SarkaTitles:
Concerto in A Minor, op 3, no. 6, 1st mvt. by Antonio Vivaldi
Etude in G Major, op. 45, no. 28 by Franz Wohlfahrt
Home Festival:Hamilton