2024 Live Results - Wednesday, June 12th

Classical Woodwinds - Level 6

1st PlaceDarren LiuHome Festival:Ottawa KiwanisTitles:
Sonata in E minor, op. 3, no. 7 by Jean-Baptiste Loeillet
Serenade a Pierrette by Josef Szulc
2nd PlaceCanon TianHome Festival:PeelTitles:
Prelude by Paul Harvey
Andante by Felix Mendelssohn
3rd PlaceDaniel VerkhovskyHome Festival:TorontoTitles:
Sonata, op. 3, no. 5, 1st and 3rd mvts. by Giovanni Benedetto Platti
The Good Girl by Phil Woods
3rd PlaceSeoyoung Christina KimHome Festival:LondonTitles:
Sonata in D major, 1st and 2nd mvts. by Leonardo Vinci
Barcarolle melancolique, op.72, no.1 by Charles Edouard Lefebvre
Honourable MentionQianhui ZhaiHome Festival:TorontoTitles:
Sonata in G Minor, op. 1, no. 2, HWV 360, 1st and 2nd mvts. by George Frideric Handel
Trois Pièce pour flûte et piano, op. 31, 1. Aubade villageoise, 2. Mélodie by Arthur Foote
Honourable MentionQuinn RieckHome Festival:WoodstockTitles:
Sonata No. 6, Largo and Allegro by George Frederic Handel
Pièces caractéristiques en forme de suite, Op. 77, No. 2: À la russe by Pierre Max Dubois
Honourable MentionRiley HalesHome Festival:WoodstockTitles:
Red Bossa, Blue Bossa, Red Bossa by Gary Schocker
Essay, Solo Flute by Louis Applebaum
Andrew (Pincong) WangHome Festival:TorontoTitles:
Etude in G Major by Franz Thaddiau Blatt
Aria by Eugene Bozza