2024 Live Results - Tuesday, June 11th

Classical Piano - Level 6 - Group A

Playoff FinalistAiden WuHome Festival:Ottawa PianoTitles:
Aria in G major, TWV 32:13 by Georg Phillipp Telemann
Sonatina in G Major, op. 88, no. 2, 1st mvt. by Friedrich Kuhlau
Playoff FinalistLucas LeeHome Festival:Yip'sTitles:
Prelude in C Minor, BWV 999 by J.S. Bach
Dance of the Tiger Cubs (no. 3) by Vincent Ho
Honourable MentionDanielle ArkuHome Festival:LondonTitles:
Sonatina in A Minor (no. 3) by Georg Anton Benda
Running for the Bus by Alexina Louie
Honourable MentionLivlyn LiHome Festival:ChathamTitles:
Sonatina in D Minor, (no.6) by Georg Anton Benda
Waltz in A Minor, op. posth., B150 by Frédéric Chopin
Honourable MentionNoah BoxHome Festival:BarrieTitles:
Math Whiz by Bradley Sowash
Miimii by Barbara Assiginaak
Ava WangHome Festival:Ottawa KiwanisTitles:
Sonatina in F Major, op. 168, no. 1, 3rd movement by Anton Diabelli
Spanish, op. 55, no. 5 by Agethe Backer-Grondahl
Bowen ChenHome Festival:KingstonTitles:
As Swift as a Deer by Daniel Gottlob Turk
Moto perpetuo by Tom Gerou
Elizabeth BeilbyHome Festival:South SimcoeTitles:
Minuet in G Minor by Gottfried Heinrich Stolzel
Meditation in the Rain by Timothy Brown
Ella GooleyHome Festival:North HastingsTitles:
Gentle Breeze by Joanne Bender
River City Blues by Martha Mier
Helen MaHome Festival:HamiltonTitles:
Waltz in A Minor, op. posth., B150 by Frédéric Chopin
Viennese Sonatina in C Major, 4th mvt. by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Holly HuHome Festival:Kitchener-WaterlooTitles:
Aria in G Major by Georg Philipp Telemann
Jasmine Flower by arr.Edward Han Jiang
Jonathan LiddleHome Festival:StirlingTitles:
Dance of the Tiger Cubs by Vincent Ho
Aria in G Major, TWV 32:13 by Georg Philipp Telemann
Leonidas PanagopoulosHome Festival:Pickering GTATitles:
Sonatina in G Major op.19/20, no.1, 1st mvt. by Jan Ladislav Dussek
Waltz in A Minor op. posth., B 150 by Frédéric Chopin
Sullivan FallsHome Festival:GuelphTitles:
Happy Time Jazz by Martha Mier
Sonatina in A Minor (no. 3) by Georg Anton Benda
Summer ChungHome Festival:North York LiveTitles:
Sonatina in A Minor, op. 3 by Georg Anton Benda
On the Lake, op. 77, no. 12 by Heinrich Hofmann
Thomas Paul PerroneHome Festival:Grey CountyTitles:
Waltz in A Minor, op. 124, no. 4 by Robert Schumann
Minuet in G Minor by Gottfried Heinrich Stozel