2024 Live Results - Monday, June 10th

Classical Voice - Level 7 - Playoffs

1st PlaceGianna SpironelloHome Festival:Sault Ste. MarieTitles:
Come and Trip It, L'Allegro by George Frideric Handel
Erstes Grün, op. 35, no. 4 by Robert Schumann
Voyage à Paris (no. 4) by Francis Poulenc
2nd PlaceSadie KennedyHome Festival:IMFCTitles:
Plaisir d'amour by Jean-Paul Martini
Daisy Time by Martha Hill Duncan
Longing by Samuel Barber
3rd PlaceLekha SivakumarHome Festival:Ottawa KiwanisTitles:
Nina by Anonymous
Minnelied by Felix Mendelssohn
Now (more near ourselves than we) by Ellen Mandel
Honourable Mention with DistinctionMelody ShafieeHome Festival:Sault Ste. MarieTitles:
Heidenröslein Op 3. No 2. by Franz Schubert
Spring Sorrow by John Ireland
Pupille nere by Giovanni Bononcini