Live Registration Information


To determine the entry deadline date for your Local Festival, please click on this link:

Live Festival Information:
• You must register and complete payment by 8:59 pm on the date of your deadline.
• You may change your repertoire and/or add your video at any time until 8:59 pm on the final date of your local festival's deadline.
• Please be aware that putting "To be Decided" or "To be Announced" will result in disqualification.
• Changes after your registration date can be made by contacting OMFA at .
You must list your Collaborative Pianist (accompanist) in your registration. You have until May 1st to submit this information.
• All scheduling is done around Collaborative Pianists, therefore failure to list them could result in their not being able to play for you. Accompanists must register for an account in the system.
• Accompaniment can be by piano only for the live festival with the exception of the Popular Voice and Popular Self-Accompanied classes (please refer to the syllabi for specific rules).
• The Collaborative Pianists (accompanists) listed on our website have confirmed that they are willing to play for you at the live provincial festival if required, however it is up to the competitor to contact them directly and pay for this arrangement and to set up a mutually convenient rehearsal time. To view our list of accompanists: