2024 Virtual Adjudicators

Tiffany A. Wilson

Classical Voice: Levels 1-3

Tiffany A. Wilson

Raised in a musical home where she was inspired to sing and play instruments from a young age, Tiffany A. Wilson carries on the multi-generational musical tradition every day. Whether she is educating students of all ages and skill levels in her elegant home studio, performing as a collaborative pianist at festivals, exams and competitions, examining for the RCM or adjudicating and encouraging aspiring musicians, Ms. Wilson is true to her upbringing.

Ms. Wilson's accomplishments as a musician and educator are a product of her dedication to musical excellence. Recipient of the CFMTA, H. F. Distinguished Teacher Award in 2021, she is also voice examiner for the Royal Conservatory of Music and a certified Intermediate Specialist in piano.

Ms. Wilson earned her Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance and Theatre at the University of Manitoba Faculty of Music, and acquired an A.M.M. in piano from the Western Board of Music (now the Conservatory Canada). Further vocal studies brought her to New York and then abroad to Europe where she performed, studied, and perfected her French and Italian. She now shares her vast knowledge, experience, and passion with her students and wherever she is adjudicating.

Following in her grandmother's footsteps, she has served as the President elect of both the Manitoba Registered Music Teachers' Association (MRMTA) and the national Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Association (CFMTA). Her vision for both organizations lead to the implementation of new professional initiatives across Canada for music teachers. If that wasn't enough to satisfy her musical thirst, Ms. Wilson is also heavily involved adjudicating, giving workshops and master classes throughout Manitoba and Ontario, Nova Scotia and Yukon.

Ms. Wilson is grateful for her childhood musical indoctrination, as she has dedicated her life to creating beautiful music, inspiring musicians, and acting as an educator and mentor. She loves her life's work and her visions for the future inspire those sharing her passion of music.