Open to anyone who resides or studies in the Province of Ontario or the Gatineau, Quebec area and has been recommended by their local festival.

The maximum age is 28 years old as of December 31, 2022 for all levels except for Adults which is 29 years and older.

One original score of the music or purchased digital music with attached receipt for each selection must be shown on camera prior to the beginning of the performance.

Virtual Festival: All Levels

All performances must be submitted using a single video YouTube link (one link containing both pieces).


Age-based classes are offered to competitors in each of the following levels through a Virtual Festival:

Beginner Level: Competitors between the ages of 6-8 as of December 31,2022
Primary Level: Competitors between the ages of 9-10 as of December 31, 2022
Elementary Level: Competitors between the ages of 11-12 as of December 31,2022
Junior Level: Competitors between the ages of 13-14 as of December 31, 2022
Intermediate Level: Competitors between the ages of 15-16 as of December 31, 2022
Senior Level: Competitors between the ages of 17-18 as of December 31,2022
Advanced Level: Competitors between the ages of 19-28 as of December 31, 2022
Adult Level: Competitors must be 29 and older as of December 31,2022

One original score of the music or purchased digital receipt must be shown on camera prior to beginning of the performance.

Performance Requirements for all Levels:
a) Competitors must perform two (2) contrasting selections from the following:
• Songs from animated films and movie musicals
• Songs from revues, cabarets, movies or television
• Songs from musicals that have only been workshopped (not staged)
• Stand-alone songs in musical theatre style (eg. Girl in 14G, Taylor the Latte Boy, etc.)
• Songs written for but cut from staged musicals (eg. More to the Story from Shrek)

b) NOT permitted:
Songs listed in the RCM or CC classical syllabi (Lists A and B from Levels 1-6; Lists A, B, C from Levels 7-10).
• Songs from fully-staged musical theatre productions.
• Operetta/light opera selections (Gilbert & Sullivan, Romberg, Lehar, Johann Strauss)
• Selections that are primarily spoken patter (eg Ya Got Trouble from the Music Man, Aaron Burr, Sir from Hamilton)
• Selections from Junior show versions of musicals that have been cut or simplified.
• Vocal cuts except for repeated choruses.

c) Competitors will be judged on their choice of selections, interpretation, contrasting tempi, style, vocal quality and age appropriateness.

d) It is recommended that both selections be musically contrasting and from different composers.

e) Performance must be from memory.

f)  The absolute maximum performance times are as follows:
Beginner (Ages 6-8)                     Ten (10) minutes.
Primary (Ages 9-10)                     Ten (10) minutes
Elementary (Ages 11-12)             Ten (10) minutes
Junior (Ages 13-14)                     Ten (10) minutes
Intermediate (Ages 15-16)           Fifteen (15) minutes
Senior (Ages 17-18)                     Fifteen (15) minutes
Advanced (Ages 19-28)               Fifteen (15) minutes
Adult (Ages 29+)                          Fifteen (15) minutes

There is no minimum performance time.

g) Accepted accompaniment can include: Live piano, piano back-tracks, etc. Accompaniment must not include background vocals if using tracks. The accompanists listed on our website have confirmed that they are willing to record accompaniments for you to use for your performance if you do not have your own accompaniment. It is up to the competitor, however, to contact them directly and pay for this arrangement.

h) Stage movement is allowed, but no dance breaks.

i) Two (2) simple handheld props (e.g. comb, basket, or book); one (1) standard rehearsal theatre box, one table and one chair are allowed. No other props will be permitted.

j) Costumes are allowed but will not be judged.

k) Spoken passages are only allowed if published in the score being used and cannot represent more than 10% of the selection.

l) Selections should be age appropriate. OMFA reserves the right to reject any selections that are deemed inappropriate, either in style or content.

m) Please visit this link for video submission guidelines:

n) All criteria listed in the OMFA General Rules (separate document) must be strictly adhered to.