Behaviour During The Provincial Competition

  1. No marks are awarded at Provincial Competitions. Adjudicators will award First, Second and Third place The Adjudicator is authorized not to award a winner if a satisfactory standard has not been reached.
  2. Winners who receive a monetary award MUST sign a proof of receipt before receiving their award(s).
  3. First Place Winners at the National Qualifying Level (formerly “Open”) may be chosen by the Adjudicator to represent Ontario at the National Music Festival Competition unless disqualified under the National Music Festival Competition Rules.
    1. Competitors recommended to advance to the National Competition must accept the invitation and complete the national entry forms at the OMFA office immediatel
    2. In accepting the invitation to the National Competition, competitors understand that they are responsible for covering any and all expenses connected with attendance including accompanist fees. When funds permit, OMFA will assist in covering part or all of the following expenses for competitors: National Competition entry fee, accommodations and meal expenses, and travel costs
    3. If the first-place winner is unable to attend the National Competition, the runner-up may be eligible to attend upon adjudicator recommendation.