Performance & Participation

  1. Competitors must play pieces as listed in the CURRENT Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) or Conservatory Canada (CC) syllabus, if relevant, (e.g. if two movements are required then two movements must be played or if it is complete, then all movements must be played, etc.). The RCM and CC Syllabi are available online.
  2. Repertoire may not be used if the competitor has performed all, or parts, of a piece at any previous Provincial Competition.
  3. Competitors are advised to reflect a variety of styles and periods in their choice of pieces.
  4. The playing of repeated sections in music is optional – but encouraged (except in Musical Theatre). Accurate timing MUST be indicated on the entry form.
  5. In a year when a new RCM or Conservatory Canada syllabus is introduced, the previous syllabus may be used for one year only. For reference, all RCM syllabi are available online.
  6. Pianos may be either acoustic or digital for both performance and accompaniment purposes.
  7. Competitors requiring an accompaniment must provide and pay for their own accompanist.  A list of accompanists who are available to collaborate and who are willing to record accompaniments for competitor’s use in their video-taped entry are provided on the OMFA website.
      a) If physical distancing is still mandatory as of the date you submit your video, then live accompaniment can only be with a family member or someone who lives in your residence. The accompanists listed on our website have confirmed that they are willing to record accompaniments for you to use for your performance. It is up to the competitor, however, to contact them directly and pay for this arrangement.
      b) Recordings made for local virtual festivals for the 2022 Festival season may be submitted.  
      c) Competitors requiring an accompaniment must provide and pay for their own accompanist.
      d) Pre-recorded back-tracks are acceptable for this competition – i.e. the ones provided by RCM for practice purposes.