Performance & Participation

  1. Competitors must play the pieces as listed in the CURRENT RCM or Conservatory Canada syllabus, if relevant, (e.g. if two movements are required then two movements must be played or if it is complete, than all movements must be played, etc.)
  2. Repertoire may not be used if the competitor has performed all or parts, of a piece at any previous Provincial Competition. For Chamber Groups, repertoire may not be used if more than one member of the group has performed it at the Provincial Competitions in previous years.
  3. Competitors are advised to reflect a variety of styles and periods in their choice of pieces.
  4. The playing of repeated sections in music is optional – but encouraged (except in Musical Theatre). Accurate timing MUST be indicated on the entry form.   Adding or deleting repeated sections after an entry form is submitted is not permitted.
  5. In a year when a new RCM or Conservatory Canada syllabus is introduced, the previous syllabus may be used for one year only. For reference, all RCM syllabi are available online.
  6. Music stands will not be provided
  7. Competitors must be on time for all scheduled events – being late could result in disqualification.
    1. Competitors must check in at their competition venue a minimum of one hour before their scheduled performance time. Music must also be submitted at this time.
    2. Competitors must be ready to perform at their competition venue at least 15 minutes prior to the start of their performance.
    3. c. Warm-up space will be provided, whenever possible, at each competition venue. Times will be assigned when the competitor checks in and are based on fair use for all competitors. The warm-up room will be available for 10-15 minutes approximately 45 minutes before the competitor’s performance time. Warm-up rooms are for competitors only and should not be used for rehearsals of any kind. (i.e. accompanists, teachers, parents are not allowed). No rehearsals are permitted in the halls used for the competitions. If you require rehearsal facilities OMFA will have rehearsal space available for rental.
    4. Competitors must be on time for their workshop.
    5. Competitors are encouraged to attend the entire day of competitions.
  8. Competitors must provide original full scores or text for the Adjudicator. Full original scores or texts should be presented to the front desk at check-in.
    1. All copyright laws must be observed. Photocopies or ditigal copies will not be accepted unless they show legal authorization from the publisher or copyright holder or proof of purchase (receipt).
    2. OMFA reserves the right to disqualify any competitor presenting an unauthorized copy.
  9. Music competitors must neatly mark the bar numbers at the beginning of each line of music in the original score, if not already noted in the score.
  10. Competitors requiring an accompaniment must provide and pay for their own accompanist.
    1. A list of accompanists who are available to collaborate at the Provincial Competition is provided on the OMFA website. 
    2. Individual accompanists may only play for a maximum of SEVEN (7) performers per day between two disciplines and a maximum of FIVE (5) performers per day if playing for 3 or more disciplines.. To avoid competitor disappointment and scheduling problems, please ensure that the accompanist is in compliance with this regulation.
  11. Competitors must perform selections listed in the published program. Selections may be performed in any order.
  12. No introductory remarks or comments are to be made by the competitor from the stage during music performances. In Speech & Drama, competitors may introduce their repertoire, but may not state where they are from, what festival they represent, or any synopsis or set-up for the scene.
  13. Workshops are instructional sessions run by the Adjudicators for the benefit of competitors and will focus on the performances heard that day.
    1. Attendance at the entire Workshop is mandatory for all competitors. OMFA may authorize exceptions if a competitor is performing in two disciplines on the same day. Competitors should contact the Provincial Administrator for instructions if they are affected.
    2. Failure to attend the workshop will result in disqualification. Competitors not in attendance will be ineligible to be chosen as winners or receive awards.
    3. The OMFA Executive Committee reserves the right to re-assign award money and/or send the Runner-Up to the National Competition if the First Place Winner does not attend the Workshop and Announcement of Winners Session.
  14. At the end of each workshop, the Adjudicators will announce the winners (for disciplines with under 25 entries) or competitors advancing to a playoff (for disciplines with over 25 entries). Please note that in Diploma and National Qualifying classes the length of repertoire will determine whether the classes will have a play-off and will not adhere to the numbers listed above. The Adjudicator will also comment on the results and distribute written adjudications.
  15. The Performance Rules have been devised to ensure fairness to all competitors, and failure to comply with any/all of the regulations listed in the rules or syllabus could result in disqualification from competition.