Glossary of Terms

Advanced Level – Competitors who are performing at an ARCT/ACCM level or higher.

ARCT/ACCM – The level directly after Level 10 in either the RCM and CC syllabi.

Competitor – A non-professional student who has been recommended to a class indicated in the OMFA Syllabus.

Conservatory – A music training institution that publishes lists of repertoire for exams.

Diploma Level – For competitors who are working at the RCM ARCT or CC ACCM level but have not completed the level and received their certification.

Discipline – Term to describe type of instrument, voice type (both classical and Musical Theatre, and Speech Arts.

Disqualification – Competitors who do not comply with the OMFA rules and regulations Will be disqualified.

Graded Level – Applies to RCM and CC levels/grades from Grade 1 to Diploma.

Hand-Held Props – Items used onstage by the performer that can be held in their hands, eg. brush, wand, mirror scarf.

OMFA – Ontario Music Festivals Association is the umbrella body of 48 local member festivals in the province of Ontario