Glossary of Terms

Advanced Level – Competitors who are performing at an ARCT/ACCM level or higher.

ARCT/ACCM – The level directly after Level 10 in either the RCM and CC syllabi.

Competitor – A non-professional student who has been recommended to a class indicated in the OMFA Syllabus.

Conservatory – A music training institution that publishes lists of repertoire for exams.

Diploma Level – For competitors who are working at the Royal Conservatory of Music ARCT or Conservatory Canada ACCM level but have not completed the level and received their certification.

Discipline – Term to describe type of instrument, voice type (both classical and Musical Theatre, and Speech Arts.

Disqualification – Competitors who do not comply with the OMFA rules and regulations will be disqualified.

Graded Level – Applies to RCM and CC levels/grades from Grade 1 to Diploma.

Hand-Held Props – Items used onstage by the performer that can be held in their hands, eg. brush, wand, mirror scarf.

OMFA – Ontario Music Festivals Association is the umbrella body of 45 local member festivals in the province of Ontario

OPEN – For competitors who have received certification of their ARCT or ACCM from the Royal Conservatory of Music or Conservatory Canada (must be under 28 years old). In the case of Musical Theatre (ages 16-28) competitors who are performing at an exceptionally high level.