Entry Forms & Fees

  1. Registration entries will only be accepted for the Provincial Competition from local music festivals who are members of OMFA in good standing. Affiliation fees and accurate statistic forms must be up-to-date and submitted before entries can be accepted. In addition, local festivals who utilized OMFA insurance must also have submitted full payment. A $25 per day late charge will be levied against affiliation fees that are not paid on the individual festival’s provincial entry deadline.
  2. OMFA reserves the right to reject any entry for any reason.
  3. Completed entry forms and fees must be submitted electronically to the Provincial office by the recommending local Festival Administrator. Entry forms and fees must be submitted to the Provincial office NO LATER THAN 10:00 pm on your local festival’s Provincial Competition deadline. P
    1. Deadlines are set according to when each festival is held in Ontario. Please refer to the list of local festival deadlines for reference. /li>
    2. Individual local festivals can set an earlier deadline for competitors than the date provided on the list of festival deadlines.
  4. Late applications may be accepted, at the discretion of the Provincial Administrator, up to 5 days after a local festival’s provincial entry deadline. A late fee of $25 per entry, per day will be charged. Absolutely no applications will be accepted after the last deadline date (This year it is May 12, 2020).
  • Entry forms must be complete to be accepted. Competition scheduling depends on correct information. Incomplete entry forms are subject to rejection. Full and accurate information must be included in all spaces, including:
    1. Complete titles of pieces to be performed, names of composers, movements and opus numbers of works (if relevant).
    2. Accurate performance times. Time limits indicated within each discipline syllabus are “maximum” time limits. There is no minimum time limit. Please do not guess timings or simply apply the specified time limit. Accurate timings must be used. The Adjudicator may stop the performer if this limit is exceeded.
    3. Contact information for accompanist, is REQUIRED, including full name and email. (Please note that your disciplines does not require an accompanist please put n/a in this field. Examples of disciplines not needing an accompanist: Solo Piano, Guitar, Speech Arts)
  • Changes in repertoire and/or accompanist are permitted after the entry form deadline for a fee of $10.00 per change. The last day ANY change will be accepted is May 13th, 2020.
  • The full entry fees for each competitor must accompany the completed entry form. Because of fixed costs for the Provincial Competition, the entry fee is not refundable for any reason, except under circumstances where the entry is refused by OMFA. In these cases, OMFA will withhold a $50 processing fee.
  • A $50 fee will be applied for a returned cheque for Non-sufficient Funds (NSF).
  • Entry fees cover the competitor’s participation in the Provincial Competition only and DOES NOT include accommodation, meals, travel expenses or accompanist fees. All living costs while attending the Provincial Festival and accompanist expenses are the responsibility of the competitor.