Entry Forms & Fees

    1. OMFA reserves the right to reject any entry for any reason.
    2. Completed entry forms and fees must be submitted electronically using the online registration form by 11:59 pm on the date of your local festival’s entry deadline.
    3. Late applications for Local Festivals with deadlines before May 15 will be accepted for a maximum of 5 days. There will, however, be a $25 per day late fee charged. After 5 days, entries will not be accepted. No entries will be accepted after May 30th.
    4. Entry forms must be complete to be accepted. Please use proper punctuation and do not use all caps.  Full and accurate information must be included in all spaces, including: Complete titles of pieces to be performed. For instrumentalists: names of composers, movements and opus numbers of works (if relevant). For Musical Theatre and Speech Arts: name of piece, source (i.e. name of musical or name of anthology), author and/or composer and lyricist.
    5. Time limits indicated within each discipline syllabus are “maximum” time limits. There is no minimum time limit. 
    6. The full entry fee for each competitor must be paid by credit card at the time of registration. Because of fixed costs for the Provincial Competition, the entry fee is not refundable for any reason, except under circumstances where the entry is refused by OMFA. In these cases, OMFA will withhold a $25 processing fee.
    7. Entry fees cover the competitor’s participation in the Provincial Competition only and DOES NOT include accompanist fees.
    8. Entry fees are as follows:

a) Instrumental Grade/Levels 1-5: $50
b) Instrumental Grade/Levels 6-9: $75
c) Instrumental Grade/Levels 10, Diploma and Open: $100
d) Musical Theatre/Piano Concerti/Speech Arts/Percussion ages 6-12: $50
e) Musical Theatre/Piano Concerti/Speech Arts/Percussion ages 13-15: $75
f) Musical Theatre/Piano Concerti/Speech Arts/Percussion ages 16 and Above: $100
g) Adult Non-Competitive Classes: 5 years of training or less: $75
h) Adult Non-Competitive Classes: 6 to 9 years of training – $75
i)Adult Non-Competitive Classes: 10 years of training or more: $100

Please note that for the purposes of this competition Adults are 21 years of age and over. Adults entering into the non-competitive categories are not permitted to also enter the competitive classes.