1. A local music festival may designate a maximum of two competitors per level and discipline to compete at the Provincial Competition.
  2. Competitors must not have reached their 29th birthday as of December 31st the year prior to the Provincial Competition.
  3. Competitors must live or study in the Province of Ontario (with the exception of the National Capital Region graded level entrants, who may live in the Gatineau, Quebec area).
  4. All competitors must be amateurs.
    1. For the purpose of these competitions an amateur shall be defined as: A music student, performer, or any person whose principal means of livelihood is not obtained from performance in the particular discipline in which he/she is competing.
    2. The competitor may from time to time receive remuneration for musical or acting services rendered, but not on a full-time basis.
    3. Competitors who are full or junior members of either ACTRA or EQUITY are considered professional and are ineligible for the Provincial Competition, unless they are competing in a different discipline that is not in-line with the reason for their ACTRA or EQUITY membership.
  5. Competitors must have received both a mark of at least 85% in at least one entry and the recommendation of the adjudicator from a local festival to attend the Provincial Competition.
    1. Participants in non-competitive classes are eligible to proceed to the Provincial Competition provided that the Adjudicator assigns a mark of 85 or higher. The mark does not have to be communicated to the local participant, but it must be included on the entry form with the Adjudicator’s signature.
  6. Should a competitor be recommended to attend the Provincial Competition by more than one local festival, it is strongly encouraged that they accept the first offer given. OMFA will only accept the first correctly completed entry form for that competitor.
  7. Competitors cannot compete in both the Open Level and in lower levels (i.e. Diploma or Graded) for the same instrument/discipline with the exception of Musical Theatre (i.e. Senior and Open).
  8. Once a competitor has entered one level, they may not enter a lower level for the same instrument/discipline in future years.
  9. Once a competitor has competed in the Open Level they may not enter a lower level for the same instrument/discipline in future years with the exception of Musical Theatre, Speech Arts, Percussion and Concerto classes.
  10. If a competitor places first in a level they may not enter the same level the following year for the same instrument/discipline except in Musical Theatre, Speech Arts & Percussion. If a competitor wins at the Diploma level they must proceed to the Open Level the following year (if recommended). An Associate diploma is not required to enter the OpenLevel classes.
  11. If a competitor has completed the repertoire section and taken a partial Conservatory examination before December 31 the year prior to the Provincial Competition they are not eligible to enter that graded level of the Provincial Competition.