Duets/Trios – Virtual Competition 2023

Open to anyone who resides or studies in the Province of Ontario or the Gatineau, Quebec area and has been recommended by their local festival.


Duets and Trios

Definition:  Duets and Trios are available in the following categories: Classical Brass, Popular Brass, Classical Guitar, Popular Guitar, Harp, Musical Theatre, Non-western Instruments, Classical Piano, Popular Piano, Speech Arts, Strings, Popular Strings, Classical Voice, Popular Voice, Classical Woodwinds and Popular Woodwinds.

All duets/trios will be part of the 2023 Virtual Festival.

Please note:  Chamber Trios should enter the Chamber Group Class.  For the purpose of this competition, trios can be one of the following:
• 1 piano, 6 hands
• 3 instruments with piano accompaniment (the piano does not have a solo part)

a) Competitors are required to play one selection only.
b) The Adjudicator will take choice of repertoire into consideration.
c) Memorization is optional, but strongly encouraged.

Accurate performance times must be included on the entry form
Do not guess timings or simply apply the specified time limit.

There is no minimum performance time. The absolute maximum total performance time is as follows:

For All Popular Categories, Musical Theatre and Speech Arts:
Competitors must enter the category that matches the oldest competitor’s age
Beginner (Ages 8 & Under) – Ten (10) minutes
Primary (Ages 9-10) – Ten (10) minutes
Elementary (Ages 11-12) – Ten (10) minutes
Junior (Ages 13-14) – Fifteen (15) Minutes
Intermediate (Ages 15-16) – Fifteen (15) Minutes
Senior (Ages 17-18) – Fifteen (15) Minutes
Advanced (Ages 19-28) – Twenty (20) Minutes
Adult & Child – Ten (10) minutes
Teacher & Child – Ten (10) minutes
Amateur Adults – Ten (10) minutes

For All other Categories:
Competitors must enter the category that matches the highest grade/level of the competitors
Beginner (Levels/Grades 1-4) – Ten (10) minutes
Junior (Levels/Grades 5-7) – Fifteen (15) minutes
Intermediate (Levels/Grades 8-10) – Fifteen (15) minutes
Senior (Levels/Grades 10 & Above) – Twenty (20) minutes
Adult & Child – Ten (10) minutes
Teacher & Child – Ten (10) minutes
Amateur Adults – Ten (10) minutes

Additional Criteria
a)  It is the competitor’s responsibility to abide by any and all government guidelines regarding physical distancing as of the date you submit your video. Accompaniment can be by piano only. Accepted accompaniment can include: Live, pre-recorded, back-tracks, etc. Unless a piece is specifically written to be unaccompanied it must have accompaniment or the submission will be for adjudication only.
b) Competitors may count one or more movements of a multi-movement work as one selection only.
c) For the purpose of this competition:
• Adult & Child duets: Adult is defined as anyone over the age of 19 playing with a younger child.
• Teacher & Child duets: Teacher is defined as anyone who is a music teacher (this would include parents/grandparents, etc. if they are teachers)
d) All criteria listed in the OMFA General Rules (separate document) must be strictly adhered to.