Guitar Finalists

2021 Syllabus and Rules and Regulations

Thank you for joining us for the 2021 Virtual Provincial Festival!

The 2021 Provincials will be a virtual competition for 2021. This means that all entries will be by recorded submission via YouTube. You can learn about each of the different sections of the Syllabus by clicking on the links below and the learn about the process in the General Rules section.

We are very excited to be able to offer this opportunity to young musicians who qualify through their local festivals.  Apart from the virtual submissions there are a couple of other exciting changes from a regular Provincials:

a) We are offering competitive classes for ALL instrumental graded levels from Grade 1 to the ARCT Level (Brass, Guitar, Harp, Lower Strings, Piano, Upper Strings, Woodwinds & Voice)
b) We are offering competitive classes for competitors ages 6 to 28 in Musical Theatre, Piano Concerto, Speech Arts and Percussion
c) We are offering non-competitive classes for Adults ages 21 and over.
d) We are offering duet-classes for the first time.
e) We are offering small ensemble classes for groups with 3-10 members.

Registration will be open soon. Please check with your local festival for your entry deadline date.

Please do not register until your recording has been completed and uploaded to YouTube. The YouTube link must be included on the entry form.  The YouTube video can be either public or private but the “Kids for YouTube” setting must be turned off.

It is the responsibility of every Competitor and/or Parent/Guardian to ensure that they have read and fully understood all parts of this Syllabus.

Please be advised that all social distancing measures for your particular area of the Province must be adhered to.