2019 Overall Schedule

The FINAL schedule for the 2019 Provincials is available below. Please check back frequently as it is subject to change. Please also remember to clear your browser cache to make sure you have the current schedule.



VenueMonday, June 3Tuesday, June 4Wednesday, June 5Thursday, June 6Friday, June 7Saturday, June 8
Niagara-on-the-Lake / Virgil
St. Mark's Anglican ChurchNational Piano ADiploma Piano AGrade 10 Piano AGrade 9 Piano AGrade 8 Piano AGrade 7 Piano A
Niagara United Mennonite ChurchNational Piano BDiploma Piano BGrade 10 Piano BGrade 9 Piano BGrade 8 Piano BGrade 7 Piano B
Bethany Mennonite ChurchNational Piano CDiploma Piano CGrade 10 Piano CGrade 9 Piano CGrade 8 Piano CGrade 6/7 lower string
Yellow Door TheatreHarpGrade 6-10 GuitarElem/Jr Speech ArtsInt/Sr Speech Arts
Niagara Falls
Stamford Lane United ChurchNational StringsDiploma Piano DGrade 10 Upper Str Diploma VoiceGrade 8 US AGrade 6 Piano A
Grace Gospel ChurchNational/Diploma BrassDiploma Upper and Lower StringsGrade 9 US AGrade 8 US BGrade 6 Piano B
Our Lady of the Scapular ChurchGrade 10 WoodwindsGrade 9 US B
Niagara Orchard CommunityNational/Diploma WoodwindsGrade 9 WoodwindsGrade 10 Lower StringsGrade 9 Lower StGrade 10 VoiceGrade 9 Voice
St. Catharine's
Salvation Army ChurchNational MT AAdvanced Music TheatreSenior Music Theatre AInt. Music Theatre AJunior Music Theatre AElem. Music Theatre A
First Grantham United ChurchNational MT BGrade 6 - 10 BrassSenior Music Theatre BInt. Music Theatre BJunior Music Theatre BElem. Music Theatre B
Silver Spire United ChurchNational VoiceGrade 6 Voice AGrade 7 voiceInt. Music Theatre CJunior Music Theatre CElem. Music Theatre C
Knox Presbyterian ChurchGrade 6/7 WoodwindsGrade 8 Lower StringsGrade 7 Upper Strings
Northend ChurchGrade 8 WoodwindsGrade 8 Voice BGrade 6 Upper Strings
Grantham Mennonite Brethren ChurchGrade 6 voice BGrade 7 voiceGrade 8 Voice A
St. David's
St. David's Queenston United ChurchNational/Diploma GuitarSenior & Junior ChamberGrade 6 Upper Strings