2018 Tentative Schedule

The tentative schedule for the 2018 Provincials is available below. Please check back frequently as it is subject to change once entries have been received from all Festivals.


SitesMon., June 11Tues., June 12Wed.,June 13Thurs.,June 14Fri., June 15Sat., June 16Sun.,June 17Mon., June 18
TBADiploma Piano AGrade 7 VoiceDiploma Voice AGrade 8 Voice AGrade 9 Voice A
TBAOpen /Diploma BrassGraded BrassElem./Jr. SpeechInt/Sr./Adv. SpeechGrade 10 VoiceGrade 6 Lower Strings
TBAOpen/Diploma/Gr.10 GuitarGrades 8 & 9 GuitarGrades 6 & 7 GuitarJr. Music Theatre CGrade 9 Voice B
TBAOpen Piano BDiploma Piano BGrade 10 Piano BGrade 9 Piano AGrade 8 Piano AGrade 6 Piano B
TBAOpen StringsPiano Concertos AGrade 6 Piano A
TBAHarpDiploma Upper StringsGrade 10 Lower StringsGrade 9 Lower StringsGrade 8 Lower StringsGrade 7 Upper Strings
TBAOpen Piano APiano Concertos BGrade 10 Piano AGrade 9 Piano BGrade 8 Piano BGrade 7 Piano B
TBAOpen Music TheatreAdv. Music TheatreSr. Music Theatre AInt. Music Theatre AJr. Music Theatre AElem. Music Theatre A
TBAOpen VoiceGrade 6 VoiceSr. Music Theatre BInt. Music Theatre BJr. Music Theatre BElem Music Theatre B
TBAGr.10 Upper StringsGr.9 Upper StringsGr.8 Upper StringsGrade 7 Upper Strings
TBAOpen ChamberJunior ChamberGrade 6 Upper Strings
TBAOpen/Dip WWsGrades 9/10 WWsGrades 6/7/8 WWsGrade 8 Voice B
TBADiploma Lower StringsGrade 7 Piano A