From fast food to upscale dining, Hamilton’s food scene has something for every budget and craving.

When planning your trip, you may want to review the schedule and available accommodations.

Please note: The restaurants listed below were selected for their proximity to the venues. Their inclusion here is not an endorsement by OMFA. We strongly encourage everyone to review and research the restaurants before visiting them.

Paradise Fish & Chips & Pizzeria137 Locke St. S.Fish & Chips/PizzaTake-out
Starbucks158 Locke St. S.CoffeeTake-out & Sit Down
Democracy Coffee House202 Locke St. S.CoffeeTake-out & Sit Down
Brown Dog Coffee Shoppe211 Locke St. S.CoffeeTake-out & Sit Down
Earth To Table Bread Bar258 Locke St S.RestaurantPizza, sandwiches, salads
West Town Bar & Grill214 Locke St S.PubCasual - Open Late
Mattson & Co225 Locke St S.RestaurantUpscale
Bitten Cupcakes & Whoopie Pies219 Lock St. S.BakeryTake-out
Naroma Pizza Bar215 Locke St. S.RestaurantPizza
Bar on Locke178 Locke St. S.BistroCasual
Beasley House Bistro96 Locke St. S.RestaurantTavern
Rapscallion Rogue Eatery61 Young St.RestaurantUpscale
Bronzie’s Place201 James St. S.RestaurantItalian
Wass Ethiopian Restaurant207 James St. S.RestaurantEthiopian
Radius151 James St. S.RestaurantUpscale
Mezcal150 James St. S.RestaurantMexican
Steve's Open Kitchen149 James St. S.DinerOpen for Breakfast
La Piazza Allegra180 James. St. S.RestaurantItalian
The Ship23 Augusta St.RestaurantBurgers and Seafood
Arirang Restaurant354 Main St. W.RestaurantKorean
Wimpy's Diner405 Main St. W.RestaurantCanadian
Dairy Queen415 Main St. W.RestaurantFast Food
Tim Horton's443 Main St. W.CoffeeTake-out & Sit Down
Shehnai Restaurant447 Main St. W.RestaurantIndian
Pho Rong Vang1120 Main St. W.RestaurantThai
Taco Del Mar1331-1335 Main St. W., #5RestaurantTake-out
Maple Leaf Pancake House1520 Main St. W.RestaurantBreakfast & Lunch
Boston Pizza1563 Main St. W.RestaurantChain
Wendy's1585 Main St. W.RestaurantFast Food
Joya Sushi1630 Main St. W.RestaurantJapanese & Korean
The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro2 King St. W. (Jackson Square)RestaurantChain
Anchor Bar2 King St. W. (Jackson Square)PubWings
Toby's Goodeats2 King St. W. (Jackson Square)RestaurantBurgers
The Honest Lawyer2 King St. W. (Jackson Square)PubChain
Food Court2 King St. W. (Jackson Square)Food CourtFast Food
Nation's Fresh Foods2 King St. W. (Jackson Square)RestaurantSushi, Thai, Chinese, Korean & Groceries
A&W's194 King St. W.RestaurantFast Food
Tim Horton's239 King St. W.CoffeeTake-out & Sit Down
The Coop272 King St. W.RestaurantChicken
Tim Horton's239 King St. W.CoffeeTake-out & Sit Down
Mark's Chinese Food & Tavern468 King St. W.RestaurantChinese-Canadian
Rolly Rocket's BBQ470 King St. W.RestaurantCasual southern BBQ
Country Style Donuts618 King St. W.CoffeeTake-out & Sit Down
Valentino's Restaurant824 King St. W.RestaurantItalian
Lava Pizza & Wings876 King St. W.RestaurantPizza and Wings
Tim Horton's951 King St. W.CoffeeTake-out & Sit Down
Delirious Burger1008 King St. W.RestaurantBurgers
Snooty Fox1011 King St. W.PubBritish
The Bean Bar1012 King St. WCoffee
Saigon Restaurant1024 King St. W.RestaurantAsian
The Express Restaurant1034 King St. W.RestaurantItalian
Rawlicious1044 King St. W.RestaurantChain
Cupcakes1050 King St. W.Bakery
Pita Pit1056 King St. W.RestaurantChain
Basilique1065 King St. W.RestaurantPizza
McDonald's1268 King St. E.RestaurantFast Food
Hamilton Farmers Market35 York Blvd. (Lloyd D. Jackson Square)Farmer's MarketLimited Seating
Swiss Chalet151 York Blvd.RestaurantFast Food
Little Grasshopper Café37 Barton St. E.RestaurantPortuguese
Butcher and The Vegan61 Barton St. E.RestaurantCasual
La Luna Express281 Barton St. E.RestaurantLebanese
McDonald's787 Barton St. E.RestaurantFast Food
Burnt Tongue10 Cannon St. E.RestaurantSoups
Pho Dau Bo15 Cannon St. E.RestaurantVietnamese & Thai
Mattina Pizzeria104 Cannon St. E.RestuarantPizza
KFC307 Cannon St. E.RestaurantFast Food
Korea House Restaurant281 Cannon St. E.RestaurantKorean
Tim Horton's 513 Cannon St. E.CoffeeTake-out & Sit Down
August 81 Wilson St., #12RestaurantSushi, Dim Sum, All You Can Eat
Nabil's Middle East Fast Food1 Wilson St.RestaurantMediterrean
Pane Del Sole175 John St. N.RestaurantLunch Counter, Take-Out
Dundurn Market346 Dundurn St. S.Prepared FoodsTake-out & Sit Down
Ray's Place303 Dundurn St. S.Pub
McDonald's50 Dundurn St. S.RestaurantFast Food
Mr. Dumpling Express50 Dundurn St. S.RestaurantFast Food
Subway50 Dundurn St. S.RestaurantFast Food
Pizza Pizza50 Dundurn St. S.RestaurantFast Food
Saint James Eatery170 James St. N.CoffeeTake-out & Sit Down
Mulberry Street Coffeehouse193 James St. N.Coffee and SandwichesTake-out & Sit Down
Born and Raised224 James St. N.RestaurantUpscale
Lake Road Restaurant229 James St. N.RestaurantMediterranean
Green Bar236 James St. N.RestaurantTake-Out
Charred Rotisserie House244 James St. N.RestaurantChicken
Mesa255 James St. N.RestaurantMexican
Saltlick Smokehouse282 James St. N.RestaurantSouthern Comfort Food
Jack & Lois301 James St. N.RestaurantCasual
Work337 James St. N.RestaurantCasual
Gate of India201 James St. N.RestaurantIndian