Upper Strings – Grade 6


Note: The time limit for this class is 15 minutes

  • Two pieces must be performed at the Provincial Level:
  • Competitors must refer carefully to either the RCM or CC syllabus to determine how many and which movements of a selection are required (i.e. one mvt., two mvts., or complete)
  • For Grades/Levels 1 to 10, studies or etudes as listed in the Conservatory Canada or RCM syllabi are not permitted.
  • Except for Sonatas, performances must be from memory
  • Repeats are optional but not required.
  • If physical distancing is still mandatory as of the date you submit your video, then live accompaniment can only be with a family member or someone who lives in your residence. The accompanists listed on our website have confirmed that they are willing to record accompaniments for you to use for your performance. It is up to the competitor, however, to contact them directly and pay for this arrangement.