2014 Musical Theatre Participants


Local community festivals are the foundation of Canada’s music festival movement. They are alive and well throughout Canada, both in small towns and in urban centres. Every festival is run mostly by volunteers, who ask only that young classical musicians get the opportunity to grow musically.

OMFA is the umbrella body for community Music Festivals in  the province of Ontario. Member festivals of the OMFA  share the mutual objective of providing performance and competition opportunities for young artists, with professional adjudicators offering assessment, helpful critiques, and workshops.  At every level in the festival movement, besides developing friendships, competitors also learn a great deal about music from each other.

For 2023 we are pleased to be able to offer both a live and virtual competition for recommended music students from their local festivals who either live or study in the Province of Ontario or in the Gatineau area of Quebec. Classes will be available from Conservatory levels one to ARCT for instrumentalists and singers and for ages 6 to 28 for Musical Theatre, Popular Classes, Non-Western Instruments, Speech Arts, Duets, Trios and Percussion.  There are also classes for Bands, Choirs, Orchestras, Chamber Groups and Small Ensembles.  

New this year are classes in Popular Guitar, Popular Strings, Popular Voice Self-Accompaniment, Popular Woodwinds, Non-Western Instruments and Songs from the Stage and More! 

OMFA will…

Support local music festivals by providing experienced leadership, ongoing comprehensive resources, and a social media and website presence

Provide knowledgeable guidance to local festivals and particpants to achieve our vision, mission and values

Celebrate and recognize the value and efforts of all local festival organizations, their participants and volunteers

Encourage local festivals and amateur musicians by offering a forum for cultivating excellence in performance

Offer performance opportunities, awards and scholarships