Team Work

Executive Directors

Below you will find the names and contact details for our Executive Directors.


Lisa Brillon

Lisa Brillon, President

Niagara Musical Theatre & Voice Festival
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Diane Manojlovich

Diane Manojlovich, 2nd Vice President

Hamilton Music Festival
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Martha Gregory

Martha Gregory, Past President

Pickering GTA Music Festival
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Janis Auster

Janis Auster, Secretary

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Katie Pergau

Katie Pergau, 1st Vice-President

Darlene Ewing

Darlene Ewing, Treasurer

Peterborough Kiwanis Music Festival
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Pam Allen

Pam Allen, Festival Administrator

Toronto Kiwanis Music Festival
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Michael Faulkner

Michael Faulkner

Stirling Festival of Praise
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Martha Clarke

Kim Chadsey

Kiwanis Music Festival, National Capital Region
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Evelyne Reid

Evelyne Reid

Thunder Bay
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