2022 Adjudicators

Jeremy Buzash

UPPER STRINGS – Levels 7 to 9

Known for his enthusiastic love of music, classic approach, beautiful sound, and an encyclopedic knowledge of violins and bows, Jeremy’s musical path began at the age of 3 at the Conservatory of Performing Arts in Regina, Saskatchewan where he was soon recognized for remarkable aptitude. Already at the age of 4, Jeremy was playing violin with the Buzash family gypsy band, a Canadian Recording Industry Association Gold Record winning ensemble called Betty and Her Brothers Five. Jeremy’s frequent appearances at local and international festivals during his formative years yielded a multitude of scholarships and awards, including commendations from both the Premier and Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, an Emerging Artist nomination from the mayor of Regina, representing Saskatchewan at the national level in both solo and chamber music categories, and the prestigious President’s Gold Medal from the Conservatory of Performing Arts. After graduating with a Masters of Music from the University of Manitoba, Jeremy joined the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra soon after, later becoming tenured as the WSO’s Principal Second Violin.

Besides playing violin, piano, and guitar, Jeremy enjoys writing and is a recognized connoisseur of fine stringed instruments. He is also an enthusiastic collector of retro video game items and is the treasurer of The Interactive Art Collection, a California-based non-profit organization that focuses on the discovery, preservation, education, and sharing of the original art and historical materials from the video game industry.