2021 Results

Level 6 Harp

Below are the results for the Level 6 Harp class from the 2021 Virtual Provincials.  The table below will be updated with results as they come in.

Adjudicator: Jill Whitman

Competitor’s NameCompetitor’s Local FestivalPlacement
Avril LeiWindsor-Essex Kiwanis Music FestivalFIRST
Bernice LiToronto Kiwanis FestivalSECOND
Lauren MontagueWindsor-Essex Kiwanis Music FestivalTHIRD
Jamie ShiToronto Kiwanis FestivalTHIRD
Noelle AldousOttawa Kiwanis FestivalHonourable Mention
Titamarie MaggioWindsor-Essex Kiwanis Music FestivalHonourable Mention
Lela TamasLondon Kiwanis Music FestivalHonourable Mention