2020 Adjudicators

Susan Eichhorn Young

Musical Theatre (Junior/Intermediate/Senior/Advanced)

Susan Eichhorn YoungSusan’s journey has led her to teach & create theatre worldwide. Her mission to help others access authenticity and support performers & artists to discover &
reveal their authentic voice, has given her a platform in the private studio, as a voice consultant, collaborator, as a clinician in masterclasses & workshops, as an adjudicator, and in her online presence.

Her diverse clientele encompasses emerging artists to established & award-winning artists in theatre, music theatre, cabaret, opera, tv & film.

Located in New York City, her innovative approach has generated a thriving studio which keeps her in high demand within both the Broadway & Operatic communities. Now, due to technology, Susan is able to work & consult with singers & actors, directors & theatre companies around the globe via online platforms.

Teacher, mentor, singer, actor, writer – Susan embraces these demanding disciplines with passion, an ongoing pursuit of knowledge, humanity & a little laughter.

Her renowned blog is read worldwide, and can be found on her website: susaneichhornyoung.com