2020 Adjudicators

Michel Fournier

Piano (Grades 8 & 9)

Michel FournierPraised both as a soloist and a chamber player, Michel Fournier has performed with a number of orchestras and is widely appreciated for the many recitals he has given in Canada, Europe and United States. His repertoire covers a broad spectrum of piano music from different eras and styles. He has a special fondness for French music and has earned critical acclaim for the originality of his interpretation and his refined sound : “…perfect knowledge of the expressive resources of the piano, a tour de force that ranks him among the masters of impressionist music.” (Adveratul de Cluj – Romania).

As a student of French pianist Yvonne Hubert in Montreal, Canadian pianist Michel Fournier also studied under legendary pianist Menahem Pressler at University of Indiana. He earned a Doctorate in Music from Université de Montréal.

Highly appreciated as an educator, Michel Fournier has provided guidance to thousands of musicians, teaching masterclasses, coaching and adjudicating national and international competitions for young musicians across Canada and Asia. As a teacher, many of his student are award-winners in national and international competitions (Tureck International Bach Competition, American Protégé, Canadian Music Competition, and others).