2020 Adjudicators

Liz Parker

Piano (Grades 1-5)

Liz ParkerLiz Parker is an experienced piano teacher specializing in teaching children. She loves working with kids to achieve great marks in the RCM exams. She combines a sense of fun (with big smiles) and instilling discipline for maximum results (her stern glare, nowadays right into the camera phone, is legendary). No slouching or flat fingers! To compensate (when there isn’t a pandemic), treats are handed out after student recitals. Currently teaching online with FaceTime, WhatsApp (Zoom has too much time delay – anyone else experiencing this?), her home studio is in the Queen/Bathurst area.

Liz graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Music at 15 with a Gold Medal for the top mark in Canada; she holds her Licentiate from England’s Trinity College of London; and her Bachelor of Music from the University of British Columbia. She is also a writer and photo shoot stylist for musicians. Interests away from the keyboard include pop culture, fashion, and food. She has a tomcat, Momo, which is named after the Tibetan dumpling.